Water and Health

Water Essential for Pregnant Women

Drinking water is even more essential for pregnant women than for the average person. Most of us do not consciously consume the recommended amount of water, but during pregnancy, it is extremely important.

Drinking proper amounts of water during pregnancy prevents dizzy spells. It also helps the mothers body work better at processing all the other nutrients necessary for her and the baby. Interestingly, drinking water helps fight water retention, too. Thus, this helps avoid irregular amounts of water discharge.

Why water?

Not only is water generally healthy, tests have shown that good hydration is vital to increase the amount of amniotic fluid around the fetus, to flush out the system and decrease the chances of common urinary infections, to serve the increasing volume of blood in the mothers body and to rehydrate the body after sweating. The last part is very important as body temperature can steadily rise as the pregnancy progresses.

Many researchers believe that not drinking enough water can be a contributory factor in difficult births, compression of the umbilical cord and other complications.

How much should a mother drink?

Pregnant women are advised to drink more water in a day than other adults. According to The World Health Organisation (WHO), this amount rests somewhere around 4.8 litres a day a(a 5.5 litres a day for breastfeeding mothers). It should be noted that drinking too much water (significantly over the recommended amount) is also discouraged, as it can cause a different set of complications.

It isnt always easy to remember to drink this amount so it is a good idea for the prospective mother to carry her drinking water around in a bottle. This can help her keep track of her amount of water intake throughout the day.

The mother should try to drink water steadily through the day. And it is a good idea to eat grapes, cucumber, etc. - foods that add to the water intake and keep the body feeling refreshed.

Preparing to drink for two

As pregnant moms start looking ahead to breastfeeding, they can consider the extra fluid intake they need during pregnancy to be good practice for making breastmilk.

While breastfeeding, the need increases even more to keep their own body hydrated and to provide the water required to produce a good supply of milk. Many mothers realize that as soon as they breastfeed, they feel thirsty. This response can make it easier to stay hydrated with enough fluids to nurture to the needs of both of them.


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