Water and Health

A Simple Checklist to Change Your Life

Do you experience any of the following while exercising? Mark all that apply.

  • Feel thirsty
  • Feel fatigued
  • Feel light-headed
  • Feel dry mouthed
  • Have dry cough 
  • Feel dizzy
  • Have heat intolerance
  • Get muscle fatigue or muscle cramps
  • Experience reduced athletic ability
  • Have less urine output
  • Experience lack of coordination
  • Have dark-colored urine
  • Unable to properly regulate body temperature
  • Experience heat exhaustion
  • Experience heat stroke

Alternative Test:

When you go to the washroom while working out

  • Is the urine dark yellow – amber in color?
  • Does the urine have an intense odor?

While experiencing any of these things mean that you might be dehydrated, you should also be listening to your body. If you feel too thirsty or sweat too much; you should replenish immediately. Since dehydration is something that can happen to anyone, even without any physical activity, one shouldn’t just wait for symptoms but rather take active measures such as keep a bottle of from trusted source handy at all times.


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