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Low Gas Pressure in Boilers during Winter

With the exponentially growing need of natural gas and the increase in what is already an alarming population, Bangladesh is in a continuous battle with the gas crisis. Many times the citizens face a sudden outage of gas that inflicts untold sufferings as most of the time there is no prior announcement from the state-run utility company. Thousands of households, factories, and other establishments are regular sufferers of the gas crisis as the demand of gas continue to outgrow the supplies. The production of garments factories reduced by up to 40% due to the gas crisis in Bangladesh which is very alarming as the RMG sector plays a big role in our economy. Low gas pressure is a common problem during winter as the demand for gas used for heating water for household purposes increases and boiling drinking water takes longer than usual.


Why do we get low gas pressure in boilers during winter?

Natural gas is one of the most common elements in Bangladeshi homes because it gives our home heat, hot water, and in many households, it is the key to boil water for drinking. During winter, we all become heavily dependent on gas to warm up food and drinks. It also takes a lot longer because of low temperature during winter for food to cook, heat up, and for water to boil. Some households even ignorantly leave the gas burner on to heat up their home and damp clothes due to less sunshine. As a result, the nation faces a crisis of gas and cannot keep up with the increased demand. For the shortage in supply, low gas pressure in boiler becomes a regular scenario. 


Low boiler pressure symptoms

Low natural gas pressure in households, however, can lead to a number of problems. For example, not being able to keep the heat on to a potential gas leak. So it is important to keep an eye on the gas pressure on your boilers. How would you know that your boiler is giving off low gas? Here are the key symptoms-

1.   No matter how much you maximize the pressure, the flame remains the same

2.   The food takes longer to cook or cooks unevenly

3.   Water takes longer to boil

4.   The switch doesn’t seem to work properly

5.   You hear the sound of gas coming through but the flame doesn’t form immediately

If you see any of these symptoms in your boiler, you should know it is time for a repair. Often gas pressure issues come from the gas company, contact them as soon as you can so they can fix the gas problem from their end. The sooner it is fixed, the better it is for you and your family’s safety.

How do you fix low gas pressure in your house?

Most of the latest gas boilers are very economical, environmentally friendly, and also extremely reliable. But just like any piece of equipment that we use all the time, gas boilers will need some attention to keep running smoothly and efficiently. Low gas pressure on cooker can be caused by a number of things such as faulty pipelines, damaged switch, clogged burners etc. Call a repairman and he can easily fix it for you, but if you notice there is low gas pressure after plumbing repair, you should call the gas company because there must be a shortage in your gas supply.

What can we do to minimize the gas crisis?

As the citizens of this country, we have a duty to use our limited natural resources such as natural gas, oil, coal, etc. sustainably. We have to minimize our gas usage so that it can last us for our upcoming generations as it is a non-renewable resource. Boiling water on gas boilers, leaving gas stoves on should be avoided. We should buy a proper water purifier that can save us hours of boiling and spending limited resources. If we aren’t more sensible about our choices like this, the gas crisis in Bangladesh will continue to rise and there will be no natural gas left in the future. Here are the reasons why we should not boil drinking water to purify it on a gas stove-


Risk of gas explosion during water heating in winter

Boiling water on the stove can be a cause of gas explosion at home. Sometimes the water pours over the burner and puts out the flame. The gas pressure still goes on and people mistakenly light up a match. This can lead to gas leak explosion in houses. So many lives have been lost due to this unfortunate practice of boiling water on gas boiler. The dangers of gas stoves being left on is just way too terrifying and we should be more careful of it.


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