Water and Health

How does RO purification work?

Water and Health

Eat right, drink right is the secret to a healthier life.

Every day, your body needs water to rejuvenate and stay hydrated.
The water you drink is the core essence of life so it’s always important to drink pure.

Understanding Water Purification

How does RO purification work?

Today, due to the increasing levels of pollution and the spread of water borne diseases, water purifiers are a necessity for every household. A water purifier offers safe drinking water. There are many ways of purifying water and Reverse Osmosis is one of the most advanced and widely used technologies today.

But, do you know the function of Reverse osmosis?

Reverse Osmosis filtration system works by forcing water through a special fine membrane to eliminate impurities that may not be visible to the naked eye. These membranes remove impurities based on their size and shape. This means that particles larger than water molecules cannot pass through the filter. The membrane blocks harmful chemicals and contaminants such as pesticides, viruses, microorganisms, ions, bacteria, amongst others. In fact, it can also remove chemicals dissolved in water, which other purification technologies cannot.


An RO purifier is best suited for home as well as industrial usage. The RO technology is being successfully used across industries including cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, seawater desalination, food and beverage processing, and industrial boilers.

Some of the benefits of RO purifiers:
  1. An RO purifier is equipped to filter toxins such as lead, mercury, arsenic, chlorine, and fluoride. These chemicals may cause diseases.
  2. RO water purifiers use less energy compared to other purifiers, resulting in lower consumption of electricity.
  3. RO purification improves the taste of water.
  4. The maintenance of an RO filter is extremely simple. Servicing is required only twice a year.

Pureit encourages its consumers to make an informed and healthy choice. A wide range of RO water purifiers that are highly cost and energy efficient are available in the market. So, it is important for you to wisely choose the one that suits your needs. Explore our range now.


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