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Home Appliances You Need to Upgrade First

Moving into a new house can be mentally, physically, and financially exhausting on a person, but it is also one of the most precious chapters of someone’s life. A new house means you have to bring in a lot of new furniture, décor items, appliances, etc. and not all of the old things you owned can make their way into your new place. Like most things in our lives, home appliances lose their value over time- especially the appliances we use on a regular basis. You need new home upgrades that add value to your life. So, before you go on to upgrade a lot of the things you owned previously, you need to know what home improvements add the most value. Here is a list of best home improvements to set your priorities right so you can modernize your home in 2020.


1. Upgrade the old Carpets

Chances are, your new home color, measurements, aesthetics may not go well with your old carpets. But this is not the top reason you should not be bringing your old carpet to the new house. No matter how well we brush and vacuum our carpets, after a certain time they build up a lot of dust and in extreme cases- fungus! This is a potential health hazard for people with dust allergies and respiratory problems. Moreover, carpets lose their shine and color over time. So, feel free to ditch that dust storage and get yourself a more suitable carpet that will match the theme of the rooms.


2. Upgrade home water filter system

If you are one of those people who are using the medium to low-quality water purifier for a few years now, you are putting your whole family in great danger. The water purification system in your home is obsolete! Waterborne diseases kill thousands of people across the globe. Choosing a good quality water filter can literally save lives. If you are still boiling water to purify it, please stop! It doesn’t kill all the bacteria and you are wasting a rare commodity- gas. It is also extremely time-consuming. Buy one of the many options of Unilever Pureit Water Purifiers. It is exactly what you need to ensure you and your family always drink safe and pure water. Pureit will reach out to all your purification needs with their widest range of RO, UV and Non-electric products.


3. Upgrade the Refrigerator

The refrigerator is an absolute necessity for all households. In a hot country like Bangladesh, one not only needs it to store food but also for cold beverages and healthy homemade summer drinks! Usually, the refrigerators we buy can last us up to 13 years depending on the quality and maintenance. But if your refrigerator gets too hot when you touch the back, the food inside goes bad before their expiration date, makes excessive noise, or shows the buildup of frost in the freezer portion; then it is clear that you need to upgrade it for the sake of your wellbeing and health. A faulty refrigerator can cause harmful bacteria to build up on your food over time. You and your family may get really sick because of it. So upgrade your old refrigerator when you move in and make it a priority.

4. Upgrade Air Conditioner to reduce energy costs

Most air conditioners usually lasts for about 15 years give or take. But because of the quality and maintenance, some ACs might need an upgrade before their time.When your air conditioner gets older, your heating and air conditioning system may get less and less efficient. When you notice a spike in your electricity bills as the summer progresses, chances are the AC unit might be working harder to cool the same space that it used to. If this happens, you will see a rise in energy consumption and cost. While changing homes, if you upgrade to a new air conditioner, you can reduce energy costs by an average of 20 to 40 percent.


5. Upgrade Microwave Oven to avoid changes of malfunctioning

As our life is getting busier, microwave ovens are becoming a daily necessity of our lives. With constant use over the years, your microwave oven may be wearing out. A good microwave oven usually lasts for 10 years or more. But if your oven is making scary sounds while heating up, you see sparks, the door does not seal properly, the keypad is malfunctioned, then it is high time you should change your microwave oven before moving into a new house.

There you have it, these are the 5 things you need to prioritize upgrading while shifting into a new house.


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