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Best tips and ways to maintain an RO system

The importance of having access to clean drinking water is of global nature and is one of the sustainable development goals. Bangladesh is abundant with water bodies such as rivers, canals, and haors and yet 60% of the population cannot access safe drinking water. This conundrum arises due to two fundamental reasons. First, the water in Bangladesh is often polluted both by neighboring countries and the citizens themselves; secondly, the country struggles with water management and proper sanitation.  The rising salinity of the water only aggravates the matter even more. In this situation, water filtration is not only necessary but also vital for the people living here.


What is the RO Water purification process?

With any Pureit water filtration systems, you get the best of the RO water purification process.  The Reverse Osmosis system uses a multi-stage filtration process to remove different types of contaminants from water and it is one of the most developed and extensively used technologies today.  Of the commercial RO water purification systems, Pureit is the best in the market.

In the RO technology, there is very fine membranes through which the supply water is permeated and this membranes remove impurities by being impermeable to any particles that larger than water. Harmful contaminants such as lead, mercury, arsenic, and many other microorganisms are typically found in the local water. These are all eliminated through the RO water purification process.

What is the UV system?

The UV water system is used paired with the RO water purification process. You might be wondering why? Well, it is to make the filtration system more efficient and more effective. Here, germicidal Ultraviolet (UV) rays are used to penetrate harmful pathogens in the water.  These obliterate microorganisms by attacking their genetic core (DNA). UV rays also impair their reproduction abilities. The whole UV system takes less energy than a light bulb. The whole process is safe and environmentally friendly.

The benefits of the UV system

UV rays is effective against microorganisms and in a country where water-borne diseases is rampant, this system is an essential addition. UV disinfection treats water for a variety of bacteria including but not exclusive to the following.

·        Dysentery bacilli

·        Salmonella

·        Mycobacterium tuberculosis

·        Streptococcus

·        E. coli

·        Hepatitis B

·        Cholera

The UV system is also effective against alga, fungi, and some viruses.

The benefits of the RO purification process

The difference between UV and the RO purification process is that the RO process works against both microorganisms and soluble contaminants based on their size and shape. It helps to take care of any dissolved impurities and leaves better-tasting pure water; whereas the UV system is effective only against microorganisms and cannot filter other impurities.  In Pureit filters, both are used together to form a consummate filtration system.

What is Ultra filtration?

Ultra filtration (UF) is basically very similar to reverse osmosis and just differs in terms of the size of the molecules it retains. Unlike reverse osmosis, ultra filtration retains some minerals in the water and eliminates other suspended particles. Ultra filtration works in low water pressure well. RO method of water purification is provides more wide-ranging filtration and uses a booster pump to increase water flow.

Steps to maintain the RO system

The maintenance of an RO filter is extremely simple. Servicing is required only twice a year. RO water purifiers rarely face glitches. Yet, it is better to be diligent about maintenance since a water purifier will provide clean and safe water only when properly looked after. This will ensure the health and safety of your family. Maintenance will also increase the function and durability of the RO water purification process.

The membranes and the filter

As the water purifiers filter out different types of impurities present in water, the filters may clog within a short span of time. In Bangladesh where the supply line is often interrupted or full of sediments and other impurities, the filters may wear out faster. The digital display shows the condition of the membranes and also the flow of water into the tank. Both the RO membranes and the sediment membrane need to be replaced. The time for replacement depends on the quantity of the water used and the quality of supply water. A good rule of hand is to replace the filters at the very least every 6 months for a family of four and a complete germ kill kit change at the very least every year.  It is advisable to let the professionals handle the changing of the filters when needed.

The exterior

It is also a good habit to keep the exterior of the RO water purifiers clean. Regularly wipe the tap and the exterior body with disinfectants. Ensure the drainage pipe is properly held into place.

The supply water

Make sure to clean and sanitize the pipes every two years as well. Sanitize the water storage tanks.

Summarizing the points

·        The pairing of RO water purification system and the UV system is extremely efficacious in filtration.

·        Proper maintenance is needed to increase the viability of the process

·        The filters should be changed when needed.

·        The germ kill kit system should be replaced when needed.

·        The water tank and the piped should be monitored and sanitized

·        The exterior should be kept clean

·        Call the professionals to manage to change the filtration and to get an in-depth analysis of the conditions of your filters

Almost a third of the drinking water used by these urban households in Bangladesh has high counts of E.coli bacteria that cause diarrhea. This manner of microbial contamination worsens as the water is transported from source to household. The RO technology of water purification is the ultimate water purification system available in the market. It is convenient and easy to use in homes, schools, and offices.  Through this RO technology boon we can easily provide access to safe drinking water to our families.


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